Who is Conor Musgrave? Meet the Worldwide Photographer for Wed the World!

Finding the right photographer is one of the most important things in wedding planning. Well, since we are doing (for us) the wedding-of-a-lifetime, that means we needed to find a photographer-of-a-lifetime. Meet Conor Musgrave.

Some of the most important factors in finding our photographer for this project was 1) they have mad skills, 2) they understand that this project is SO much more than “just a wedding” as explained in our first blog: https://wedtheworld.com/wedtheworldcommitment/, and 3) they are cool enough that we would want to spend a whole lot of time traveling and sharing our life with them.

Without further adieu, we are pleased to announce our Worldwide Photographer who will be joining us for the entire journey of Wed the World, from start to finish:

Meet Conor Musgrave.

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WTW: Conor! Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into photography:

CM: I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures for as long as I can remember. My family has always had cameras around. I took photography classes in High school that really helped me develop my artistic photographic skills. Taking photos had never been a struggle for me; I love trying to capture the beauty in a spontaneous moment. The fear of sharing them with the rest of the world was a struggle so I decided, every day for a consecutive 365 days, I would contribute something new. Now 2 years later it has become a significant focus in my life and I hope to continue to share my adventures and the moments I encounter with the rest of the world. Caffe Ladro in Seattle, WA (Issaquah & Fremont) was the first place I had ever publicly showed my work. In the past year I have received so much positive feedback and great opportunities from those initial showings (and a number of other great locations) that I can now say that I’m a full-time professional photographer! I’m excited to see where the next year takes me.

WTW:Could you classify your “style” of photography?

CM: That is a question I get frequently and I don’t know that I have defined my “style” yet. If I was forced to choose today, I’d say Abstract /Architecture & Urban Landscapes have come naturally, but I am focused on getting more experience with “People Picture” so that photography doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor. This trip will be a huge step and I suspect, pivotal, in my “people picture” development.

The images I personally like the best are images that capture the moment, a slice of life. For me an image is a personal way to capture a memory and a specific moment in time.

WTW:This project, Wed the World is a significant undertaking – especially deciding to travel to all 8 countries! What about this project was appealing to you and why did you say YES?

CM:I really liked the message about rituals in relationships and continuing to celebrate a relationship after the initial honeymoon phase. I think Liz and Branden have great stories in the making that are worth telling and present some exciting creative problem solving.

Adventure, travel, exploring new places and cultures is one of my favorite things in life. I’m always exploring even if it is only local but this is a great opportunity to see the world and tell a compelling story at the same time.

WTW:What do you think is unique about this project?

CM:The whole concept is new and very adventurous. After some research, I now see that it has been done before but certainly not by many people. There is also a good message and some solid storytelling about relationships and cultures that should set this trip apart.

WTW:What do you hope to portray or uncover?

A sense of space & culture that is unique in each country while at the same time highlighting the commonalities to connect us all.

“the human experience” – is something I’m always fascinated by and I hope to inspire more people to undertake similar adventures. And share their experiences of the world.

WTW:We know that this project has it’s own story line, but what do you hope to learn personally from this experience?

CM:The difference between marriage and relationship is something that I am still figuring out for myself. For me, marriage in the US hasn’t been particularly appealing for an ideological standpoint. I hope to learn more about relationships and “coupling” (marriage) from the perspective of different cultures. It will be very interesting to see if the way one of these different cultures express the concept of marriage will better connect with me.

Also the opportunity for so many new and unique experiences is very important to me because I believe (at least in my experience) time is not linear. It is defined by the new and unique experiences that you have that are interesting enough that our brains deem them worth saving. Time or my perception of time, seems to expand and contract depending on the new experiences I have.

The best thing for me to contribute to the world is a question I’m trying to figure out and I hope to define that more and more with this trip representing an opportunity to accelerate that process.


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