Our Parents

mom and dadhong and chanh truong

My parents are two of the most incredible people I will ever encounter in my life. Both immigrants from Vietnam, my parents came to this country in 1975 and have been in the United States for about 38 years – married to each other for 35 of those. They are two of the strongest, most resilient and thoughtful people. I am very blessed to have them as my mentors, and to learn about hard work, love, and the gift of family. To read more about their whole story, go here: Mom and Dad’s Story on Liz’s Personal Blog


stevesteven doyle

My Father has always been an incredible teacher and guide in my life. He has taught me so much about humility and how important it is to help others. He was also the inspiration for one of my passions in life: football, and at a young age he taught me all the fundamentals of the game and would play “one-on-one football” with me for hours in the back-yard.  My parents were very young when I was born, and I can say that they did everything they could to raise me the right way. I am very fortunate to have parents that care as much as they do. My Father currently lives in Salem, OR, and whenever we spend time together I still find myself learning something new from him.


33567_1296765678189_6707172_nNANCY doyle & PAT HILL

My Mother and Stepfather have always been there to help me whenever I needed it. From attending all of my sporting events in high school, to helping me out with housing and food in college when I couldn’t afford to shop (which was usually the case), they were always thinking about me and looking out for me. My Mother was a very involved and loving parent, and considering that she raised four children starting from the age of 18 (me being the oldest), she is still a beautiful young woman! She worked very hard, but took the extra time to ensure my siblings and I had everything we needed and felt loved. My stepfather did a great job of being available to have a conversation with, and became a close part of all of our lives as we grew up. We also had many epic games of HORSE and mini-nerf hoop! They now reside in Eddyville, OR, on a farm, which has become a relaxing retreat for the family to get together.