Jet Set Wed: Meet Wed the World’s Ultimate Destination Wedding Planner

Jet Set Wed is the Ultimate Destination Wedding Planner, which is why it is the perfect company for our Ultimate Destination Wedding. Why Jet Set Wed? So it turns out planning 7 weddings in just a few months is really difficult – not to mention, when we’re trying to do it in each country’s own cultural practices and rituals (that we know nothing about) and in languages that we don’t speak. So what did we do?

We got Jet Set Wed. 

Jet Set Wed - Destination Wedding Planner

Jet Set Wed – Destination Wedding Planner

As if by the grace of (travel) Gods, we found Kehrin of Jet Set Wed through our friend Christian that met her while traveling in Thailand last month. When Christian told me he met a cool gal that was a destination wedding planner and he shared our Wed the World project with her and she loved it – I immediately sent her a Facebook message and told her we had to talk. In just a week, Kehrin was booking her flights to Asia and we were set. She joined the team and we are BEYOND excited to have her.

Introducing: Kehrin Hassan of Jet Set Wed.


WTW: Kehrin! Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into wedding planning- why wedding planning?

Kehrin: Well I have always loved weddings.  I remember when I was young I was a flower girl in my aunts wedding and it was so exciting. I remember feeling so much joy and love in the room. Weddings have always been magical for me that way. I started planning parties in high school.  This is horrible to say but when parents went out of town, I got the call.  We would show up with a polaroid camera and photograph the house then rent a Uhaul and put everything inside.  I’d have security and a DJ.  We charged admission at the door.  Then after the party, we put everything back just as we found it using the photos as reference. Then I graduated and went to college to study Marketing and Event PR so I could have a successful business. I started out working for just about every other kind of event company to gain experience: the Red Cross doing Galas, a radio station putting on concerts, a marketing firm doing promo events and I even got a gig as the event coordinator for one of Donald Trumps companies for two years before starting Jet Set Wed.


Jet Set Wed

WTW: Now you do all weddings, but like to focus on destination weddings specifically. What’s the best thing about destination weddings?

Kehrin: No one will forget it.  It’s an adventure for everyone that attends and in most cases you spend more than just one night with your guests.  It’s a long weekend or even a week sometimes.  You have the opportunity to build stronger bonds and experiences that last a lifetime.

WTW: Well, we are learning very quickly the challenges in planning a destination wedding, let alone 7 of them. What do you find the most challenging about destination wedding planning?

Kehrin: In most cases it’s getting the vendors in other countries to understand our cultures and how we like things done in the US.  Since the focus of this project is experiencing the ceremonies in their different cultures, this isn’t something we’ve had to deal with this time around which is really nice.  We’re relying on them to educate us on how they do things which may prove to be tricky too, we’ll just have to wait and see.

WTW: What has been the biggest challenges so far in planning something like Wed the World?

Thats easy, finding the time.  Unfortunately I just found out about this project in February so I didn’t have a lot of time to ponder my commitment.  I had to go all in and fast.  I already have had weddings taking place in the same timeframe as Wed the World.  Getting everything booked in the midst of all my other clients weddings has been the most challenging but it’s a challenge that I was excited to take on.


WTW: Well you know by now that Wed the World is a significant undertaking – I mean, 7 weddings this year! What about this project was appealing to you and why did you say YES to come on board?

Kehrin: Where do I begin!  Everything about it appealed to me.  The opportunity to experience love in so many cultures all over the globe was the reason I named my company Jet Set Wed.  I wanted to do that.  I wanted to attract those that love travel and love adventure to me.  I’m their planner and lets fly somewhere and celebrate love.  Then I was told about Liz and Branden through someone I met while backpacking through Thailand.  It was meant to be.  Love and Travel are my two favorite things and they are doing it bigger than I ever imagined so I wasn’t missing it.

WTW: What do you think is unique about this project?

KH: Obviously the fact that they are doing 7 ceremonies is unique but what is really unique to me is the focus on culture and tradition of the communities we are visiting.  This wouldn’t have appealed to me as much if they were planning to preform the same western wedding across the globe because then it loses the power of experiencing love and commitment in a new way.  To be able to actually experience how other cultures have committed their lives to each other for hundreds of years is a really powerful thing that I am so excited to witness.

WTW: What do you hope to portray in each / all of the weddings?

KH: The different languages of love.  It’s something we all share yet we express it very differently throughout the world.


WTW: We know that this project has it’s own story line, but is there anything you hope to learn personally from this experience?

KH: The differences and similarities in the way we celebrate love across the globe.  I hope to have a better understanding of the origin of commitment and the celebration of marriage.

WTW: What about what you hope to learn personally that may not be related to weddings?

KH: I’ve never traveled abroad alone so I do hope to learn to trust in my ability to follow my dreams no matter how grand.. and they are grand.

A very big THANK YOU to Kehrin Hassan of Jet Set Wed for going all-in on this project, and so quickly! You can check out Jet Set Wed at www.jetsetwedstyle.com.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get regular updates and pictures of our journey! Japan is coming in just 2 weeks!


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