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Category: Japan / Location: Kyoto, Japan / Date: 04 Apr-2014


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Wedding #2 – Japan is complete!

What an amazing experience from the elaborate wedding kimonos, deeply spiritual Shinto shrine customs, to trekking through some of the most beautiful spots in Kyoto, Japan to take some epic wedding photos during the height of the cherry blossom season.

Thank you to Conor Musgrave Photography and all our wedding guests that came out to share this special event. A special thanks especially to Liz’s brother, Binh, and friend, Marlon.

    We held a traditional Shinto ceremony in a temple in Yokosuka, before heading to Kyoto to celebrate our wedding during the infamous cherry blossom season.

Japan Wedding: First Look CAN BE VIEWED HERE.

Full wedding recap and pictures coming soon!

 We lived in Japan from January – May and had many travel adventures! Including but not limited to: Nagano, Tokyo, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Hakone, Nara, Niseko, Matsumoto, and Kamakura. Travel recaps coming soon.

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Japan Wedding: First Look!

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