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headLiz is a small town girl living the big city life. She relishes in meaningful conversations with friends and strangers alike, and would define fulfillment as peace within herself and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves. She says the greatest contributions to her life: being raised by refugee parents and having three older brothers – not to mention, being the youngest and only girl in her family (see wedding party). It explains a lot about her, especially her love for sports (Go Seahawks!). She is an avid traveler, spanning across the globe from South America to Asia, in order to experience different cultures, connect with amazing people and see beautiful things. She is excited that Wed the World will continue her passion of traveling, but also to make it a shared journey with Branden as a way to celebrate their love together. Send Liz a message at: liz@wedtheworld.com

  • Hometown: Colton, Washington | Population: 300
  • College: University of Washington
  • Degree: Two degrees in Marketing and Psychology
  • Occupation: Non-Profit CEO
  • Ethnic Origin: Vietnamese
  • Four Words to Describe Her: Passionate, confident, thoughtful, focused
  • Favorite Song for a Car Dance Party: Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore
  • Spirit Animal: Koala bear. The ninja kind that also gives good hugs. Ninja koala bear. Final answer.
  • Life Changing Moment: Diving with hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos Islands. It was my first leap to the commitment of being comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • Super Power She Wished She Had: Teleportation. No doubt about it.
  • Greatest Challenge: Saying the word brewery. It’s a killer.
  • Three Things That Help Define Her: Family, sports, and baked potatoes (I can seriously eat a potato for every meal. I think I proved that on Eddie + Roh’s Alaska Cruise!)
Liz compliments me in every aspect of my life. First off: she loves sports, possibly more than I do. This alone might be enough for me, but then add in that she is extremely beautiful – hands down, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. Her beauty starts with her eyes and wonderful smile, and it rarely allows me to think of anything else. She is always up for anything, whether it be mountain biking up a very steep trail (even though she knows she will have to walk her bike up at least half of it), kayaking in the rain, pitching a tent in the middle of the night and sleeping with no pad on rocky terrain, or picking up on a seconds notice to help a friend or anyone in need. I guess what I’m saying is that she is a low maintenance, low stress, extremely fun person and I don’t know how I ever got so lucky! She encourages me when I need it, pushes me when I need it, and inspires me daily with how smart and successful she is. She has an incredible skill of connecting with people. She is the kind of person that makes you feel like you’ve known her for years just after meeting her. She is the definition of a social butterfly and can throw a party with the best of them. She loves her family and keeps them very close in her life. She is the most well-rounded, “at peace” person I have ever met, which I can tell you directly translates to an amazing girlfriend, fiancé, and soon wife. She has my heart, and I will forever strive to make her happy. I love you Liz! 


WTW Philippines Boracay Wedding first Card-303Branden lived in several different places throughout his youth before settling at a coastal town in Oregon called Newport. This upbringing gave him a greater appreciation for maintaining close relationships with family and friends because through the ups and downs they will have always been there. Growing up in Newport and moving on to college at Oregon State, Branden made many friends who he now considers family (see wedding party). After nearly 5 years living in Seattle, his life is still growing and he is focusing more on his passions along with adding new ones, such as travel. He is excited for Wed the World to help him gain life perspective by immersing himself in cultures all over the world.  

  • Hometown: Newport, Oregon | Population: 10,000
  • College: Oregon State University
  • Degree: Chemical Engineering
  • Occupation: Nuclear Engineer
  • Ethnic Origin: Irish & German
  • Four Words to Describe Him: Adventurous, athletic, energetic, driven
  • Favorite Song for a car dance party: All Eyez on Me by 2Pac
  • Spirit Animal: Bear
  • Life Changing Moment: Exploring the caves of Actun Tunichil Muknal in Belize really awoke in me a need for adventure
  • Super Power He Wished He Had: Superhuman speed and strength. And fly. Basically just Superman powers.
  • Greatest Challenge: Learning to read good, and do other things good too.
  • Three Things that Help Define Him:  Wilderness, competition, and family
I knew when I met Branden that I had met my match – the person that would both challenge me and complement me. Branden is an ambitious learner, loving partner, with a strong desire for adventure. He is constantly challenging himself to be better in all aspects of his life, determined to reach goals and conquer mountains. Yes, he’s most definitely my kind of man! Branden is also the kindest, most thoughtful person which immediately resonates with people. It has been great introducing Branden to my friends and family because the response is always that he is a guy they could easily be friends with. I know it’s not easy dating a girl that has 3 older brothers, and I’m pretty sure I am no exception. Branden instantly became a part of my family and fit right into the mold of nonstop sports, rabid competition, witty smack talk to one another, and a voracious appetite. We all know you can’t be in the presence of Mama Truong and not be a big eater! My family loves you, my friends love you, and I know I will love you forever, Branden. I promise to inspire you to be better, to create adventure, and to be a loving wife. Thanks for being the man you are.  


  sol duc We are a quintessential Pacific Northwest couple - lovers of the outdoors and all that Seattle has to offer. Being the adventurous couple that we are, we decided to do Wed the World for two reasons: 1) travel the world to learn about various cultures by observing the one thing that is most meaningful to us all: LOVE, and 2) to create something in our relationship that allowed us to celebrate love and our marriage while learning from others. Wed the World is a lifelong mission for us to learn about love through the hearts of every culture in the world.
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